In a huge hall at the Waterfront more than 150 local brands and designer present selected arts and crafts and fancy souvenirs. You want to take something home from South Africa? That is your place!

Giro del Mondo

Just opposite site from THE GREY hotel in the Cape Quarter you find all you need when you are addicted to shopping. A highlight in this center is Lisa´s shop. Two times per year she is doing a `giro del mondo´ a trip to Bali and Italy. She returns with appealing ideas for jewellery and fashion from both worlds. On top she sells her own creations, inspired from around the world.

Bree Street

Tourists are visiting Long Street – up and down. By far the better choice and cooler is Bree Street, parallel to Long Street. Besides Galleries you will find easy restaurants (see `Chef´s Canteen´) and interesting shops. A mile full of discoveries – not only at `First Thursday´ (see “Entertainment”).


No, we got not stuck in a time-lap of the late sixties. Woodstock is a district where you can find everything you won´t find anywhere else. Loony rummage dealer, cool carpets, vintage furniture, modern art – and internationally known designers like Tom Dixon. Formerly this area caused a lot trouble for Cape Town, now this part vibrates joyous and full of creativity.


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